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For Our Healthy Gut

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Gut Health For All Ages

0 To 4 Months

Newborns come into the world with sterile bellies. But within hours, gut health is beginning. A baby’s belly is growing the colonies of friendly bacteria that contribute to good health.

4 to 12 Months

Maintaining good gut health can help smooth out the symptoms from some common childhood ailments of the tummy.

1 to 12 Years

Given the growing connection between gut health and many health conditions, it’s reasonable to assume that a probiotic boost could benefit a growing child’s health.

Welcome to the
World of Probiotics

According to the World Health Organization of the United Nations, probiotics are live bacteria which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.

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Trust Your Gut

In this video series, Certified Nutritionist Michelle Tirmandi talks about common digestive upsets in children.

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