A Life Companion For Our Healthy Gut

Every one of us lives every day in happy cooperation with our intestinal flora. Scientists call these good bacteria “probiotics” because they may promote life and prevent disease in us and our children.4 Not all probiotics are the same. BioGaia’s® mission is to produce the highest-quality, most thoroughly researched and safest probiotics for your children.

Birth to 4 months gut health

Beginner Bellies

Birth to 4 Months

Newborns come into the world with sterile bellies. But within hours, gut health is beginning. A baby’s belly is growing the colonies of friendly bacteria that contribute to good health.5


There is no certain medical answer on the cause of colic but we know the results — a baby that can’t be soothed and anxiety for mom and dad. Some studies have suggested that colicky babies experience discomfort because of too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria.


A baby’s stomach is still learning to properly empty. It can take weeks or months to get it right. Regurgitation usually isn’t worrisome and goes away as babies mature. In the meantime, milk that sits in the stomach can back up. The probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri has been shown to reduce symptoms and stimulate the gastric emptying.

4 to 12 months gut health

Tricky Tummies

4 Months to 12 Months

Children are beginning to eat more foods and even become a bit finicky in what they like. Maintaining good gut health can help smooth out the symptoms from some common childhood ailments of the tummy.


Many toddlers experience constipation once in a while, and it is not usually something to worry about. Increasing fruit and fibre intake is a good way to avoid or deal with constipation. In a comprehensive study of adults, taking probiotics has been shown to soften stools to make them easier to pass. There have been fewer studies in children but probiotics may help in “moving things along.”


Diarrhea can be caused by a viral infection or from taking antibiotics. Antibiotics, for example, reduce both the both bad and good bacteria in a child’s gut flora. This can mean gastrointestinal distress. Talk to a health professional if you have concerns. Some of the strongest evidence for using probiotics to treat an illness is in cases of diarrhea. By helping to restore bacteria balance of bacteria in the digestive system, probiotics have been shown to reduce diarrhea by a day, and make symptoms less severe.

1 to 12 years gut health

Growing Guts

1 to 12 Years

The perfect balance of gut bacteria is unique to each of us. One thing is certain — our personal microbiome is complex. Given the growing connection between gut health and many health conditions, it’s reasonable to assume that a probiotic boost could benefit a growing child’s health, and support the immune system in fighting illness.

Gut Health

Our bodies need two vital inputs: oxygen and food. It’s our healthy gut that transforms our food into fuel. That’s why so much research is focused on the gut and understanding the role of probiotics. At BioGaia®, probiotics is what we do.