What is constipation?

Constipation in children age four and under is described as having a history of hard or large stools (poos), or trouble or pain when pushing the stools out. It’s also described as having two or fewer bowel movements a week or peeing in their pants once a week after being toilet trained. Your doctor will diagnose your child with constipation if they experience at least two of these symptoms for a month.

What causes constipation?

Almost 40% of children with constipation develop symptoms during the first year of their life. The problems often start when your child goes from breast milk to formula, or once they’re eating solid food. You can also see it during toilet training when your child is between two and four. Your child might be holding in their stool (poo) because they’re just too busy playing. Some parents report it happening when their child starts school and doesn’t want to use the bathroom there. All this can amount to a build-up, making it hard for your child to push the stool (poo) out.

How effective is BioGaia in treating constipation?

BioGaia was able to help 91% of babies and toddlers who experienced occasional constipation have normal bowel movements after 2 weeks of daily supplementation with BioGaia. After 4 weeks, 100% of babies and toddlers had normal bowel movements.

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