Infectious Diarrhea

What is infectious diarrhea?

Infectious diarrhea is an infection of the gut leading to an inflammation of the stomach and the intestines. If your child is suffering from infectious diarrhea you’ll see loose or watery stools (poos), and an increase in how often they move their bowels. This increase is usually categorized as 3 or more bowel movements in 24 hours. Infectious diarrhea may also be accompanied by fever or vomiting and usually lasts less than seven days and no longer than 2 weeks.

What causes infectious diarrhea?

Infectious diarrhea is caused by a wide range of viruses, bacteria and parasites. The most common cause is viral, and the most common viral pathogen worldwide is the rotavirus.

How effective is BioGaia with ProTectis in treating infectious diarrhea?

In clinical studies, BioGaia with ProTectis consistently reduced both the duration and the severity of infectious diarrhea in children

  • Diarrhea duration was reduced by 33 hours
  • Watery diarrhea was reduced by 45%


BioGaia can help your little one who’s suffering from infectious diarrhea

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